Valley Pig Pickin’ catering in Woodstock

Let’s face it, the groom is often side-lined from the wedding arrangements as he may find it hard to muster interest in the nuances of the perfect place setting or an elaborately drawn up seating plan. One sure way to spark his interest and make him feel an essential part of the planning is to opt for an informally catered wedding with a difference. A wedding barbecue is something he will want to be involved in and will show him how highly you value his preferences.

Valley Pig Pickin’ catering in Woodstock
Brides carrying on the squeamish tradition of kissing the BBQ pig for future good luck.

Valley Pig Pickin’ in Woodstock, Virginia offers a barbecue wedding catering service, the ideal choice for outdoor summer weddings and receptions held around the state. The relaxed environment of a barbecue is sure to appeal to your groom far more than a traditional sit-down formal meal. Fun loving and adventurous couples can guarantee a good time at their wedding when they choose a barbecue, and it holds a rustic chic appeal.

Outstanding reviews have been awarded to this professional catering service by satisfied clients, who have praised the friendly and efficient service, the company’s responsiveness, and delicious food with astounding flavor. You will need to make additional arrangements if you wish to serve alcoholic beverages at your wedding as Valley Pig Pickin’ only offer iced-tea, lemonade and soft drinks, served with ice. The company does provide plastic glasses, and plastic and paper for the buffet style food.

Valley Pig Pickin’ catering in WoodstockThe big attraction of Valley Pig Pickin’ is that it roasts a whole pig on site in a custom barbecue pit. The meat is cooked over coals and smoked wood, sending a delicious aroma to your guests as they circulate. The company will work with you to prepare a menu to suit your style and taste. Promising “if it flys, swims or walks, we can BBQ it”, the available menu options extend beyond pit roasted hog to include baby back ribs, prime rib roasts, smoked chicken, lamb roasts and pulled pork. If you prefer locally sourced meat the company can accommodate your needs with pasture raised pigs and chickens from Shenandoah farms.

In addition to barbecued meats, Valley Pig Pickin’ can cater to vegetarians with grilled veggie burgers and smoked portabella cap mushrooms. A tempting array of appetizers is available, including hot wings, smoked shrimp, stuffed mushroom caps, scampi cocktail, veggie and salad trays, cheese and crackers. Sides are traditional barbecue fare featuring favorites such as BBQ smoked baked beans, potato salad, pasta salad and smoked mac & cheese. Fresh bread rolls, cornbread and homemade sauces from family recipes complete the wedding menu. If your guests have any room left after feasting on tasty barbecue and all the trimmings there are desert options of brownies, fruit salad and fresh fruit platters.

Valley Pig Pickin’ catering in Woodstock
Wedding reception catered by Valley Pig Pickin’.

You can guarantee if you present your groom with the option of a barbecue wedding catering service you will pique his interest and make him more involved in the wedding planning. An informal and fun barbecue wedding reception is one that is sure to be enjoyed and remembered by everyone.